Free Grace

‘And do good to us.’ For so it is in the original, but it is all one, ‘Receive us graciously, and do good to us.’ All the goodness we have from God, it is out of his grace, from his free grace and goodness. All grace, every little thing from God is grace. As we … [Read more…]

Free Pardon

In all other covenants, the party contracting is bound to perform what he promiseth by his own strength. But in the covenant of grace, God doth not only require that we should believe and repent, but causeth it in us. Conditions of the covenant are conditions in the covenant. God requireth faith and repentance, and … [Read more…]

The Promise Of The Gospel

Though former spiritual sight and feeling is gone, that ye are left as a stone, the promise of the gospel is where it was still. Your mismanagement cannot make the faithfulness of God of none effect; 2 Tim. 2:13, “If we believe not, yet he abideth faithful; he cannot deny himself.” The breasts of the … [Read more…]

Of him, and through him, are all things

Tread softly, be reverent, for God is here, O mortal, as truly as he is in heaven. Wherever thou art, and whatever thou lookest upon, thou art in God’s workshop, where every wheel is turned by his hand. Everything is not God, but God is in everything, and nothing worketh, or even existeth, except by … [Read more…]

Certainty Of Faith

But it seems that he throws in a doubt as to salvation, since he reminds them to beware lest they also should not be spared. To this I answer,—that as this exhortation refers to the subduing of the flesh, which is ever insolent even in the children of God, he derogates nothing from the certainty … [Read more…]

Obtaining in Him Real Joy and Hope.

Of what kind then is this fear? As the Lord bids us to take into our consideration two things, so two kinds of feeling must thereby be produced. For he would have us ever to bear in mind the miserable condition of our nature; and this can produce nothing but dread, weariness, anxiety, and despair; … [Read more…]

Standing by Faith

and thou standest by faith: which is not of a man’s self, but the gift of God; so that it was not by their merits, and better deservings, but by the grace of God, that they were in the situation they were; they were blessed with faith in Christ, and having made a profession of … [Read more…]

Who maketh thee to differ?

“Of him.” Who maketh thee to differ? What hast thou which thou hast not received? The burning heart, the tearful eye, the prayerful soul—all these qualifications for usefulness come of him. The fluent mouth, the pleading tongue, these must have been educated and given by him. From him all the divers gifts of the Spirit … [Read more…]

If the being saved, then, came of calling upon Him,

If the being saved, then, came of calling upon Him, and calling upon Him from believing, and believing from hearing, and hearing from preaching, and preaching from being sent, and if they were sent, and did preach, and the prophet went round with them to point them out, and proclaim them, and say that these … [Read more…]