Secure in Christ

But I am a great sinner, sayest thou. “I will in no wise cast out,” says Christ. But I am an old sinner, sayest thou. “I will in no wise cast out,” says Christ. But I am a hard-hearted sinner, sayest thou. “I will in no wise cast out,” says Christ. But I am a … [Read more…]


The Comforter always abides with the saints, though he doth not always actually comfort the saints, John 1:16. The Spirit many times carries on his sanctifying work in the soul when he doth not carry on his comforting work in the soul; the Spirit many times acts in a way of humiliation when he doth … [Read more…]

When sparks fly

The act of his power. It is a sign of a noble and generous mind to pass over offences and injuries. Sick and indigent persons are the most peevish and impatient, and least able to concoct an injury. And when we kindle into a flame upon the least sparks of a wrong, the apostle tells … [Read more…]


A Christian hath cause of mourning within him when he looks upon his sinful nature and the sins which he doth daily commit, yet notwithstanding, at the same time, there is cause of joy, and great reason to bless God, when he considers that God hath pardoned his sins in Christ. Thus the apostle did, … [Read more…]


When men make one ill turn meet another, so that they come to be even with those that have wronged them, paying them home in their own coin or worse, which the Spirit of God directly forbids, Rom. 12:17. Recompense to no man evil for evil. Thus many lay up their resentments till a convenient … [Read more…]

Practical Atheism

The more visible rule preferred before God in the world is man. The opinion of the world is more our rule than the precept of God, and many men’s abstinence from sin is not from a sense of the divine will, no, nor from a principle of reason, but from an affection to some man … [Read more…]

A Wall You Can’t Climb Over

Others think that they have out stayed their time, and therefore now they should find no pace for repentance, though they should seek it carefully with tears (Heb. 12: 17). But, ‘Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation’ (2Cor. 6:2), even as long as God calls on you by … [Read more…]


And we are by nature so strongly addicted to this legal method of salvation that it is a hard matter to dissuade those that live under the light of the gospel from placing the duties of the law before the comforts of the gospel. Marshall, Walter. The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification (p. 120). Kindle Edition.

Free Grace

‘And do good to us.’ For so it is in the original, but it is all one, ‘Receive us graciously, and do good to us.’ All the goodness we have from God, it is out of his grace, from his free grace and goodness. All grace, every little thing from God is grace. As we … [Read more…]

Free Pardon

In all other covenants, the party contracting is bound to perform what he promiseth by his own strength. But in the covenant of grace, God doth not only require that we should believe and repent, but causeth it in us. Conditions of the covenant are conditions in the covenant. God requireth faith and repentance, and … [Read more…]