The Church can hear no voice but His

“The church is a very peculiar society, voluntary in the sense that its members become so, not by constraint, but willingly; but not in the sense that its doctrines, discipline and order are the creatures of human will, deriving their authority and obligation from the consent of its members. On the contrary, it has a … [Read more…]

Bold Christian Worship

. . . the church must be unapologetic in her worship. She must not cater to those bound to ridicule her ways as foolish. Christian worship is, in fact, a bold political act. it subverts the world’s values by assigning glory and praise to the one whom the world despises. And as weak as the … [Read more…]

The Gospel Should Be The Basis For Breaking Down Cultural Barriers

“What we find, therefore, is that the inclusion of Gentiles into God’s people becomes the leading edge of a broader principle: the removal of all outward distinctions in the face of God’s grace and the universal offer of the gospel. The implications for the church are far-reaching. The church is called to be a genuinely … [Read more…]

Sanctification is a spiritual grace of the New Covenant

“…the same power that converts to faith in Christ, the same power carries on the soul still through all duties, temptations, conflicts, sufferings, and continually what ever a Christian is, he is by grace, and by a constant renewed operation from God, without which he cannot perform any duty to God, or undergo any temptations … [Read more…]

About Reformed Baptist Church of Glencoe

Reformed Baptist Church of Glencoe is a reformed and reforming Baptist church preaching the sovereign grace of God in salvation. We meet at the Glencoe City Center which is located at 1107 11th St. E.  in Glencoe, MN. Our Sunday School hour is at 9:00 AM and our Sunday AM Service is at 10:30 AM.